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      	Notes for use of NTLM authentication support with JavaMail

Thanks to the efforts of Luis Serralheiro, JavaMail now suports the use
of Microsoft's proprietary NTLM authentication mechanism.  This support
within JavaMail is now derived from the NTLM support in the JDK and
included directly in JavaMail, with no external dependencies.

This release of JavaMail was tested with Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and 2007.

The SMTP and IMAP providers support the use of NTLM authentication.
The following properties can be used to configure the NTLM support:

	The NTLM authentication domain.

	NTLM protocol-specific flags.  (not currently used)
	See for details.

NOTE:	This capability is very new and has NOT been thoroughly tested.
	Please send any feedback or bug reports to us at

WARNING: This support, and the APIs and properties used to control it,
should be considered EXPERIMENTAL.  They may be changed in the future
in ways that are incompatible with applications using the current APIs
and properties.

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